About Us

Due to rapid technological change in various industries ranging from telecommunications, transportation, aerospace and defense to healthcare, media and entertainment, electrical engineering has become increasingly important as an underlying discipline.
The Department of Electrical Engineering at the Turkish-German University (TDU) is characterized by broad expertise and in-depth knowledge in the various subfields. An important goal of the department is, on the one hand, to promote the students' ability to think analytically and innovatively, to proceed methodically and to solve problems, and, on the other hand, to strengthen their self-confidence and awareness of working independently and on their own responsibility as well as of working together in a team. The main aim is to help graduates successfully enter the workforce and prepare them to compete in the international job market. 
The Department of Electrical Engineering at TDU not only focuses on high quality teaching and research, but also provides students with state-of-the-art technical equipment and learning environments. Furthermore, the department is characterized by its close partnership with renowned universities and business enterprises in Germany.